Scientific activities plan of the Romanian partner team in the study

June 2017 – May 2019

VisitVisit 1Visit 2Visit 3Visit 4
Assessment/Procedure Baseline 6 months+/- 14 days 12 months +/- 14 days 18 months +/- 14 days
Informed consent x      
Demographic data x      
Eligibility criteria x      
Medical history – Vital signs (pulse, BP) x x x x
Medical examination – Concomitant pathology x x x x
Neurological examination  (NIHSS/mRS/ Barthel Index) x x x x
Laboratory data x      
Medication x x x x
Brain structural imaging (CT/MRI ) x      
Extra and Transcranial Doppler or Trans-cranial color-coded duplex sonography x   x
Amnestic MCI/ MCI diagnosis x      
MMSE x x x x
MoCA x x x x
CDR  x      
Delayed recall test (Rey probe) x   x
FAQ x      x
Hamilton Depression Scale x      x
CGI Improvement scale x      x



  • BP = Blood pressure,
  • CT= Computer Tomography,
  • MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
  • MMSE= Mini Mental State Examination,
  • MoCA = Montreal Cognitive Assessment,
  • CDR = Clinical Dementia Rating – Scale,
  • FAQ = Functional Activities Questionnaire,
  • CGI – Clinical Global Impresion