Round table presentations

18-20 Aprilie 2019




Sanja Kalaba

Bredicean C , Ursoniu S, Barboianu R. , Riviș I. A. , Jianu D.C. 
The Romanian partner final side-view of the project Treatment of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in Dementia Executive functions assessment in dementia
Dragana Pečeničić

Matcău Diana, Frigea Andreea, Arnăutu Sergiu,
Hajevschi Andrei, Jianu Dragoș Cătălin

Slađana Muratović
HIV and Dementia: A Review Main Subtypes In Vascular Dementia Vital Exhaustion and Incidence of Dementia: Results from the Copenhagen City Heart Study
Bora Iulia-Bianca, Dan Traian Flavius,
Vlădoi Adina Andra,nJianu Dragoș Cătălin

Arnautu Sergiu, Matcau Diana, Jianu Dragos Catalin

Copil Alexandra, Anghel Alexandra, Munteanu Georgiana,
Dan Traian Flavius, Jianu Dragos Catalin
Caregivers quality of life in dementia Alzheimer - Disease, Diet & Lifestyle Clinical And Neuroimagistic Approach
Alzheimer’s Disease And Vascular Dementia
Ursoniu S, Jianu DC, Bora B, Vladoi A  Ligia Petrica  Nedeljkovic Mitreski Jasna
Longer Life Study Cohort - First FOLLOW-UP Molecular Pathways Of Inflammation Which Involve Interleukins Parallel  Renal And Cerebral Vessels Lesions In The Early Stages Of Diabetic Kidney Disease In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Palliative care of patients with
Alzheimer's disease
  Danijela Milošević  
  Institutional And Non-institutional Care For Demented People  

21-23 March 2019

Arnautu Sergiu Florin, Matcau Diana, Jianu Dragos Catalin Cristina Bredicean, Ioana  Riviș, Sorin Ursoniu, Cătălin Jianu
Vascular Dementia - Clinic, Imagistic And Eeg Changes Dementia versus depression;
– similarities and clinical differences -


07-09 February 2019


Ursoniu S, Jianu DC, Bora B, Vladoi A Ligia Petrica Anghel Alexandra, Copil Alexandra,
Dan Flavius, Jianu Dragos Catalin
Assessment in vascular dementia.
Longer life study cohort profile
Thiazolidinediones-their reno-
and cerebroprotective
effects in diabetes mellitus
Transcranial magnetic stimulation
in vascular dementia
Copil Alexandra, Vladoi Adina, Munteanu Georgiana, Birdac Claudiu,
Anghel Alexandra, Dan Flavius, Jianu Dragos Catalin
Arnautu Sergiu, Hajevschi Andrei, 
Matcau Diana, Jianu Dragos Catalin
Bredicean C , Ursoniu S, Barboianu R. , 
Rivis I.A. , Jianu D.C.
Sleep disorders in vascular dementia
and mild cognitive imapairment
Dementia with lewy bodies The Delayed Recall test ( Rey test )
and the Clinical Global Improvement scale
Dragana Pečeničić Sanja Kalaba Vuk Vuković
Potential utility of retinal imaging for alzheimer’s disease Male microchimerism in the human female brain Anxiety as a risk factor of Alzheimer’s
disease and vascular dementia
Dragana Mirić Milosavljević    Snežana Đurić
Alzheimer disease
Parkinson disease
  Importance of diagnosis of mic
(mild cognitive impairment)
in prevention of the demence


13-15 December 2018


Copil Alexandra, Vladoi Adina, Dan Traian Flavius, Munteanu
Georgiana, Birdac Claudiu, Jianu Dragos Catalin 
Bredicean C., Ursoniu S., Barboianu R., Rivis I. A., Jianu D. C.
Neurosonology Vascular Dementia  Managing the psychotic symptoms in dementia

22-24 November 2018


Copil Alexandra, Dan Traian Flavius, Bârsan Claudia, Munteanu Georgiana, Vlădoi Adina, Bîrdac Claudiu, Jianu Dragoș Cătălin Vuk Vuković Kamelija Zarkov
Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) and Barthel Index for the evaluation of patients with ischemic stroke Criminal behaviour in dementia Lewy body Dementia
Slavica M. Ivić Hajevschi Andrei, Arnautu Sergiu Florin, Matcau Diana, Jianu Dragos Catalin Sanja Kalaba
Alzheimer's disease and hyperlipoproteinemia Dementia - General Considerations Influence of neuroticism, ethnicity, familyism and social support on perceived burden in dementia caregivers
Jianu Dragoș Cătălin, Munteanu Georgiana, Ursoniu Sorin, Bredicean Cristina, Matcau Diana, Dan Traian Flavius, Claudia Barsan, Adina Vladoi, Alexandra Copil, Claudiu Birdac, Bianca Bora  Bora Iulia-Bianca, Dan Traian Flavius, Munteanu Georgiana, Vlădoi Adina Andra, Copil Alexandra, Bîrdac Claudiu, Jianu Dragoș Cătălin Ligia Petrica
Vascular cognitive impairment and dementia Montreal Cognitive Assessment Kidney and brain - an integrated view in diabetes mellitus

Bredicean Cristina

  Hamilton depression rating scale (HAM-D)  

25-27 Octombrie 2018


Cristina Bredicean

Matcau Diana, Arnautu Sergiu, Jianu Dragos Catalin

Dementia Pathology – The Role of The Family in Supporting Social Functioning Frontotemporal dementia - a clinical overview

27-29 Septembrie 2018



Ligia Petrica

Jianu Dragoș Cătălin, Ursoniu Sorin, Bredicean Cristina, Petrica Ligia, Matcau Diana, Dan Traian Flavius, Gruici Daciana, Munteanu Georgiana, Claudia Barsan, Adina Vladoi, Alexandra Copil, Claudiu Birdac, Bianca Bora

Capgras syndrome - when Dementia misidentifies a face MicroRNAs- biomarkers of diagnosis and prognosis in diabetic cerebrovascular complications  Vascular Neurocognitive Disorders

Sorin Ursoniu, Cătălin Dragoș Jianu, Cristina Ana Bredicean, Ligia Petrica

Dementia: role of dietary factors and gut-brain interactions 

Slavica M. Ivić

Arterial hypertension and Alzheimer's disease

Bredicean Cristina

Dementia evaluation

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)



Matcau Diana, Jianu Dragos Catalin, Arnautu Sergiu

Vascular dementia- clinical aspects 


Genetics test predicts Alzheimer’s better

24-26 Mai 2018


  1. VASC DEM mic  

Matcau Diana

Vascular Dementia - a clinical approach


26-28 Aprilie 2018


1.alzheimer polypharmacy timisoara 2018 mic 2. vascular aphasias modified mic 3. depresija i demencija mic

Vuk Vuković MD

Polypharmacy in Alzheimer’s disease

Jianu Dragoș Cătălin, Ursoniu Sorin, Bredicean Cristina, Petrica Ligia, Dan Traian Flavius, Munteanu Georgiana (Romania)

Vascular Aphasias

Nataša Marković

Alzheimer dementia and depression

4.elderly and abusing timisoara 2018 mic 5. Ursoniu Ethical issues mic 6. cerebrovascular disease ckd masa rotunda 2018 mic

Slavica Nikolic Lalic

Abuse of the elderly: risk factors and prevention strategies

Sorin Ursoniu, Catalin Dragos Jianu, Cristina Bredicean

Ethical issues of the project “Improved health care in neurology and psychiatry”

Ligia Petrica, M. Petrica, D.C. Jianu

Therapeutic approach to cerebrovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease

7. 50 facts about Alzheimer disease mic 8. MMSE mic 9. mild cognitive impairement conceptual assesment and economical issues mic

Dragana Mirić Milosavljević

50 facts about Alzheimer disease

Cristina Bredicean


Matcau Diana, Arnautu Sergiu, Barbusi Camelia

Mild cognitive impairement: Conceptual, assessment and social issues


Dan Flavius, Jianu DC, Munteanu G, Ursoniu S, Bredicean C

NIHSS in evaluation of stroke patients


22-24 March 2018


Brediceanu Cristina, Jianu Catalin, Ursoniu Sorin

Dementia. Theory of Mind

Matcau Diana

The evaluation of a patient with MCI

16-18 November 2017


Jianu Catalin

A comprehensive overview of vascular dementia

Sorin Ursoniu

Epidemiologyand burden of dementia

26-28 October 2017


Jianu Catalin

Proiect RORS 9

Voskresenski Tatjiana (Serbia)

Diagnostic and treatment
guides for dementia in Serbia

Sorin Ursoniu

Epidemiology of stroke and trends
for the 21st century


Jianu Catalin

Stroke - symtoms and causes

Sorin Ursoniu

The burden of stroke in

Jianu Catalin

Cognitive Impairment - definitions
description and evaluation


Matcau Diana

Clinical aspects of vascular dementia

Petrica Ligia

Kidney and brain -
a common pathophysiology,
a shared fate?

Brediceanu Cristina

Alzheimer’s disease: psychiatric
symptoms and social functioning



Petrica Ligia

Particular forms of cerebrovascular disease
in chronic kidney disease patients